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Always put in the work and never give up.

Patrick Kendall is a DP / Director / Producer from New York City.  Currently, he is also known for shooting & directing Megadeth’s “Head Crusher” music video and a Doc film for the band, Sugarcult.   Patrick graduated from the UNC at Chapel Hill and then, he packed his car and moved to New York City to work with MTV Networks.  He started out as an In-House temp and worked his way up to show producer.  One of his first jobs was working as a PA on The Tom Green Show.  He had unusual task of filling the rider for Tom’s dressing room & going on field shoots.  He has worked on MTV shows like the VMAs, Superbowl halftime show, TRL, Cribs, Uncensored, Spring Break, Headbangers Ball and Rock N Jock.   In 2005, he co-created & shot the hidden camera, prank show called Meet The Creeps for Comedy Central.  Since then Patrick has gone on to shoot for the Van Heusen, NFL, MTV, VH1, CBS Survivor, Ford, Jaguar Automotive.  He also worked on long form Features and Documentary Series such as the John Lennon's Sky Above Us, One Strange Rock, Swing Away, Soul To Keep, The Stay, BBC Top Gear, Bradley Walsh & Son's Breaking Dad, and the Supercar Blondie Car Series.

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